Truck Crashes

Truck Crashes

Knoxville Semi Truck and Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124. Commercial trucks are a common sight along the interstate highways of Knoxville and throughout Tennessee. If an inattentive or impaired driver is behind the wheel of a speeding truck carrying too much weight, accidents can happen easily. If you are injured in a truck crash, contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124.

One Year Tennessee Statute of Limitations

In Tennessee, most personal injury cases must be commenced by filing a lawsuit within, i.e., before, the one year anniversary of when you knew, or should have known, harm was caused by another. When the one-year anniversary date of the accident comes, if you have not filed a lawsuit, your right to recover may be lost.

Bad Truck Drivers Causing Injuries

Truckers and their employers must adhere to strict federal and state rules and regulations. They cannot stay on the road for excessive amounts of time, nor should they skip necessary and mandated rest breaks. The more they neglect their responsibilities, the more likely you are to get hurt or lose a loved one in a truck crash.

Sometimes, employers push drivers to exceed federally or state mandated safety rules. When that happens, employers may face additional penalties.

Investigating Your Truck Crash

Contact Attorney William C. Cremins immediately following the wreck. Time is of the essence. Investigation of the crash scene with the help of accident reconstructionists may be required. You and I need to secure the necessary documentation, including logbooks and driving records. The "black box,” if any, holding data related to the truck's operation, such as speed, and braking, might be analyzed as well.

Holding Trucking Companies Accountable

Too much is at stake, including the long-term health and livelihood of you or a family member. If you were injured or lost a loved one due to a trucking company's negligence, it is only fair that things be made right as all may agree or as a jury may determine.


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