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Family Law

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William C. Cremins, has helped local residents in and about Knox County, Tennessee, since 1984. If you are facing the prospect of divorce and need an experienced and knowledgeable attorney, you may find the following helpful.

  • Divorce Attorney - Spiritual and philosophical feelings aside, you need legal representation when you are filing for divorce, or when served with divorce papers. Divorce judges are less concerned with the religious or philosophical implications of your divorce, and more concerned with the divorce laws being applied correctly. They are there to make decrees. With that in mind, act quickly lest a judge decide matters of property or custody while you are contemplating the spiritual or philosophical issues of divorce.
  • Answer - You must file an answer to a complaint for divorce within the time allowed by law, generally 30 days, or you risk allowing your spouse to obtain a default judgment. That may give him or her all that was sought in the complaint. This may include a property division, including realty, pensions, and investments, and even the custody of children.
  • Automatic Injunction - Tennessee law provides for an automatic injunction upon the filing of any divorce in Tennessee. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to learn more about what you have to do and what you can’t do once a divorce is filed.
  • Child Custody Attorney - William C. Cremins, shares the divorce courts' philosophy of putting the children's best interests first. Your objective should be to safeguard their interests, subjugating your interests in favor of theirs, and ensuring they are properly raised in a loving, safe household. The law indicates considerations for courts to take into account when determining which parent should be the primary residential custodian of children. If the custody of a child is at issue, parents must usually attend a parent education seminar before the matter may be litigated. For a list of approved parenting classes, contact William C. Cremins, at (865) 546-7124.
  • Parental Bill of Rights - Tennessee law provides certain rights of parents in most, but not all, circumstances.
  • Mediation - Tennessee law requires divorcing parties to mediate within 180 days of a divorce complaint being filed. The right mediator being chosen can make the difference between reaching an agreement to settle your case quickly, inexpensively and easily or litigating before a judge who will spend a few hours with you before deciding issues that will affect the rest of your life.
  • Alimony Attorney - Spousal support does not have the equivalent of a "child support calculator." Alimony is determined based on the needs of one spouse and the ability to pay of the other. Many factors enter into the final number.
  • Child Support Attorney – Each parent’s income, expenses, and time spent with children are factors in setting child support, as governed by Tennessee law. The effect of the Tennessee statute is that you or your child’s other parent may not just agree between yourselves to change or modify previously set child support. Don’t do that, because a court may not recognize or honor that change. To legally change previously set child support, the court must enter an order, decree or judgment. If you have questions about how to do this, contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124.
  • Child Support Calculator - The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services maintains a calculator to help figure the right child support due. It is not the final word, because legal training is required to know when exceptions apply. It will, however, be a good starting point for you when considering what child support is appropriate. While strict in its calculations, disputes may arise over the validity of the numbers, particularly if one spouse is self-employed, or legal reasons to deviate from the normal calculations exist. Remember, deviations are sometimes allowed; the calculator is not always the last word.
  • Usual Child Support Duration – Usually, child support is due until a child attains age 18, or his or her class graduates from high school, whichever is later. Exceptions exist for special needs children and sometimes in other circumstances. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to discuss whether child support ought to be usually set for your children.
  • Order of Protection Attorney – Some people have learned to manipulate others, or learned to let themselves be manipulated, while others are just too afraid to leave someone who threatens or hurts them. You don’t have to be married to someone to seek an Order of Protection.

Click on Representative Cases to see if you are reminded of yourself in a case William C. Cremins has previously worked. Orders of Protection, or Protective Orders, allow one to obtain a decree prohibiting another from contacting, coming about, stalking, threatening, or hurting a spouse, child, boyfriend or girlfriend, relative or (in some cases) a stranger or acquaintance who is being stalked.
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