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Whether you "believe" in divorce or not, the dissolution of your marriage requires an experienced legal advocate fighting for your rights. William C. Cremins, in Knoxville, Tennessee, is such an attorney. Review the family law section in this website for specific details about divorce and helpful links.

Regardless of how you feel about divorce, judges will apply the law.

Judges don’t depend upon your OK to decide your case. You need seasoned representation, from the start of your case to the final resolution. How you feel about divorce is not as important as what you should do to protect your children, investments, realty, pension and other assets or rights.

Helping You Make Decisions

William C. Cremins, P.C., recognizes the emotional impact separation and divorce has upon you and your children. Issues that relate to asset protection, custody, and support for your spouse or children can make an initially peaceful divorce become contentious.

Plan the best resolution for you and your children. Many times, settlements are made through mediation. If no agreement can be reached, you need to know the rules and get ready for trial. William C. Cremins is an experienced trial attorney who will fully and effectively protect your rights and promote your best interests and those of your children.


The practice of divorce is not limited by gender. William C. Cremins represents either husbands or wives, fathers or mothers. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer, contact Mr. Cremins today.