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If you are a Tennessean owed child support by a parent who did not pay what was required by a court of any state, you may qualify for a free lawyer to collect child support. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to learn whether you may get a free lawyer to collect what is owed. While lawyers make a living charging for their time and efforts, sometimes, if a parent does not pay child support, the unpaid other parent really does get a break.

As a lawyer, William C. Cremins is happy to help you determine what child support should be due. Not every child’s situation fits a cookie cutter mold, so deviations from the child support calculator are sometimes appropriate. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to discuss whether a deviation from the usually strict application of the child support calculator is allowed by the state statute regarding establishing child support.z

Child Support – Each parent’s income, expenses, and time spent with children are factors in setting child support. Gone are the days when a paying parent’s income was determined and a certain percentage was strictly required as child support. An income shares model of determining child support is used in Tennessee to base the child support upon each parent’s earning capacity, and other factors.

Governing Tennessee statutory law provides that you or your child’s other parent may not simply agree between yourselves to change or modify previously set child support. Don’t do that, because a court may not recognize or honor that change. To legally change previously set child support, the court must enter an order, decree or judgment. If you have questions about how to do this, contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124.

Securing Future Child Support – No one wants to consider it, but sometimes parents die before their children grow up. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to learn how to secure child support payments after the death of the parent charged with paying child support.

Children’s Lawsuits – If, God forbid, a parent dies leaving children of any age, even adult children, who would have been enjoying love and/or support from that parent, those children may sometimes be able to sue to recover compensation due to the death of a parent. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to discuss whether the circumstances justify a child’s lawsuit for the death of a parent.

Minimizing the Impact of Divorce on Your Children

As a parent, you want to minimize the effects of divorce on your children. That comes through quality time spent with them, ensuring that they are cared for financially and peaceful interactions with your spouse. William C. Cremins, has extensive experience in child support cases representing both the paying and receiving parents.

Strict Child Support Calculations

Income, expenses, and time spent with the children are some factors in the formula to determine child support. Once an amount is generated, that is usually (but not always) the amount a parent will pay or receive. Additional factors can include travel expenses if there is a great distance between spouses, and the financial requirements for a special needs child. Contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124 to discuss what child support is right in your case.

Getting to the Facts on Income

You don’t want to just enter information into the Child Support Calculator. You want to ensure that the numbers are accurate. Disputes can arise over the validity of a self-employed spouse's income. Ownership of a business may complicate income identification. In those cases, you may want to team with financial experts and forensic accountants to get to the facts.


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