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In custody cases, the best interests of children drives the determination of which parent should be the primary residential custodian. Experience in this complicated practice of family law has allowed parents to spend time with their children, and peaceful relationships between spouses to prosper. Review the Family Law section of this site for specific details.

Best Interests of Your Children

The best result of any child custody case is one that safeguards your children and ensures that they are brought up in a loving, safe household. Divorce courts are looking out for your children's best interests based upon facts introduced at trial.

The Rights of Both Mothers and Fathers

Both mothers and fathers have rights to child custody and visitation, unless there are issues of grave concern, such as those related to drugs, alcoholism, or physical or emotional abuse. Some of those matters can be handled in an Order of Protection.

Child Custody Mediation versus Litigation

Mediation is usually desired by both parents to resolve child custody cases, because it may provide a quick, inexpensive and agreeable way to settle cases. That process puts you in control of major decisions, and does not leave them in the hands of a well-meaning but often overworked divorce court judge. It also fosters better relationships between divorcing spouses and their children. There are times when the other spouse will not be cooperative or is insincere. In those cases, litigation is your only option.


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