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The most amicable of divorce negotiations can become contentious regarding money, or if someone believes time with children is being unfairly withheld. Attorney William C. Cremins, in Knoxville, Tennessee, will help you with the complicated and sometimes emotionally charged process of determining what, if any, alimony payments are appropriate, how to fairly distribute assets, or what time each parent should spend with children.

Finding Resolution in Alimony Cases

Child support is easier set than alimony, because there is a calculator and a state statute regarding child support. Alimony is determined by a similar state statute, but there is no calculator to determine an amount. This is because judges are to weigh the alimony statute factors, or criteria, and discern what is appropriate guided by their good, common sense as they apply the alimony statute.

Disputes can arise over a husband's true ability to pay or the wife's real need for monthly spousal support.

With that in mind, you and I will work hard to find a resolution that is beneficial to both sides. Simply put, Mr. Cremins helps clients pay proper amounts of alimony and receive the support they are entitled to by law.

Determining Fair Alimony Payments

Attorney William C. Cremins will help you present the alimony statute considerations, emphasizing you and your spouse’s income, earning capacity, education, expenses, and the length of the marriage. Various options exist for alimony, because various types of alimony exist depending on the unique circumstances of each case, the ability of the paying spouse and need of the spouse receiving it. Whether the need is temporary or permanent, Attorney William C. Cremins will help identify an amount that is fair and equitable, whether you are paying or receiving. That can happen during mediation, or litigation.


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