Accidents & Injuries

Accidents & Injuries

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In one split second, your life can change with the impact of a car crash. At the law office of William C. Cremins, in Knoxville, Tennessee, diligence and dedication in advocacy for clients is the norm. Those who have suffered injuries in an automobile wreck caused by one or more others who did not abide by the rules of the road may contact William C. Cremins at (865) 546-7124.

Jury Trials

No jury wants to go home after a trial and feel it did not do any good. Jurors have repeatedly explained they felt a part of a good system, and felt good about righting a wrong, after learning at trial why someone was hurt, how the injuries will affect a person for the rest of his or her life, and how a verdict can compensate for the harm caused.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people are “in good hands” because they have state required insurance. Insurance money may not be what anyone had in mind when involved in a car crash, but it is important to secure the future of folks hurt in accidents. It is a necessity for families of those killed in accidents.

While insurance money is not capable of buying a good night’s sleep, it can buy sleeping pills and a therapeutic mattress so a person can try to sleep well. Money can buy club memberships, but it can’t buy true, caring friends; it can, however, provide for caring nurses and doctors, rehabilitation centers, and therapy.

While insurance money cannot buy peace of mind, it can buy a feeling of financial freedom, alleviating worries about how bills can be paid after an injury or death. Money is the only way we have to compensate hurt folks, most of whom would gladly trade any verdict or settlement to get back what was taken from them in accidents.

Money can’t replace a lost loved one, but it can replace his or her earnings a family otherwise would have enjoyed. Money can’t dull physical or emotional pain, but it can buy medicines, orthopedic braces, and surgeries.

Money can’t hold your hand while you worry about life’s anxieties the way a devoted husband or wife can; it can’t hold your head while you are sick; it can’t advise and console, as a loved one can. Money can, instead, provide for professionals who can help, advise, and while not replacing, at least can try to come close to providing the support of a loving spouse or parent. It is a poor substitute, but insurance money is all we have to compensate. That is a reason why we buy insurance – so we can be responsible for harm we may accidentally cause.

Jurors are like judges without the black robes. Jurors actually decide whether a defendant was a substantial contributor to the harm sustained, and what to do about it. No one tells a jury in Tennessee how much money is enough to compensate a person who was hurt; rather, a Tennessee jury decides that matter once and for all time.

Jurors are powerful instruments of social change, and can reach into a corporate boardroom and give an incentive for changes that ordinary folks can’t give. Jurors can punish a bad defendant, sending a message to others who may be inclined to do bad things to others. That message may prevent more folks from being hurt in similar ways.

Protect Your Rights: One Year Tennessee Statute of Limitations

In Tennessee, most personal injury cases must be commenced by filing a lawsuit within, i.e., before, the one-year anniversary of when you knew, or should have known, harm was caused by another. When the one-year anniversary date of the accident comes, if you have not filed a lawsuit, your right to recover may be lost.

Whether you have been hurt in a car crash or lost a loved one due to a negligent driver, contact Lawyer William C. Cremins.

Building Your Case

Knoxville Lawyer William C. Cremins may team with experts to establish your car crash claim. Attention to detail in car crash cases has resulted in large settlements for clients, although each case stands upon its own merits. Prior results for some may not yield similar results for others in different situations.

Statistically, most cases are resolved prior to trial, but William C. Cremins prepares all car crash cases to go to court. What insurance company would settle for an adequate sum if it knew nothing was done to prepare for trial?


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